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It’s finally there // my first solo double bass album

It will be released end of April on the beautiful label Aspen edities 

Can’t wait? Pre-order!

Or check out these excerpts and the crazy videos Victor Van Rossem made ;

release tour:


28.10.2022 Release day!!!


Jukwaa releases ‘Adapt’ on WERF records.


During the summer of 2022, radio Klara came to my workshop at KASK to have a chat about making strings as a musician, working with sound at the core, when it’s still tangible. Listen to the reportage here (sorry again Dutch… )


Seppe Gebruers, Nils Vermeulen & Paul Lytton

Playing with Standards Trio, last year on Summer Bummer Festival (Antwerp)

Quarter tone piano trio

JUKWAA latest endeavor ‘ADAPT’ -> to be released this fall !


.18.03.2022 Releasing’Pair, Paire’ a duo recording of Elisabeth Klinck and myself. Violin and double bass merging sounds. Out on Blickwinkel (limited edition on cassette)

check out the music here:

While knowing each other for a longer period, on Pair, Paire we hear the duo coming together for the very first time. On a Friday somewhere in last years’ October, Klinck & Vermeulen entered the stage without any prior rehearsals or arrangements. Improvisation in its purest form, you could say. Using their primary instruments, respectively violin and double bass, they slowly weaved together their sonic language until it comes at a point where it is almost impossible to disentangle their individuality.



Elisabeth Klinck: Violin
Nils Vermeulen: Bass

Recorded by Koen Vandenhoudt at Oorstof / De Studio, Antwerp October 15th 2021
Live sound by Zeno De Bruyn
Mixed and Mastered by Christophe Albertijn, Brussels 2021
Live concert produced by Sound in Motion / Oorstof – soundinmotion.be
Cover: detail from ‘La Moissonneuse à la faucille, Jean-Baptiste Corot, 1838’
Sleeve design by Jelle Martens



.18.11.2021 Releasing my very first album where I don’t play one single note of bass

Check out my avant folk country banjo loving solo project called ‘Smolikas’

Released on bwaa as a split LP w/ on the other side Thijs Troch his solo music.


.26.08.2021 Playing live again, and how! In trio with Seppe Gebruers and Paul Lytton. What-a-joy. Playing memories of Broadway-standards in quartertones.
Special thanks to Summer Bummer Festival and everyone who made it happen.

© Laurent Orseau


© Geert Vandepoele


.09.04.2021 ‘Changes’ by Uma Chine is out now!!!

Uma Chine presents “Changes”, its second album. Main ingredients are three female voices, carried by bold rhythms and delicately interlaced with analogue synthesizers.
Uma Chine knows how to create a particular energy both live and on record. The band is characterized by layered voices, distorted guitars and synths, and original twists within the songs. Uma Chine wants to tell stories, diluted with a good dose of imagination. “Changes”, Uma Chine’s second album, is loaded with magical realism.



.09.11.2020 The first episode of Troika Conversations. I had a little chat with Wim Opbrouck about music, Louis Paul Boon, Raoul Dekeyser and much more.




.28.10.2020 ‘Hold’ the first single of the new Uma Chine album! A stunning video by Gregoire Verbeke


.24.09.2020 Listen to the Eugénie by Kabas

.16.09.2020 Kabas at Kunstencentrum Nona, the very room where Eugénie was conceived…
This is how Geert Vandepoele captured it

-more pictures at Enola



.10.09.2020 The Eugénie- release tour is real!


.06.04.2020 Last November I was artist in residence in Poschiavo. I worked on organizing sounds as rocks that are organized on mountains, as drops of rain are organized when falling. This is a spontaneous organizing of sound, live at Casa Hasler, Poschiavo.


.19.03.2020 is a date to remember; the release of Eugénie!

Listen now to the first song online: Avondstad

 .17.03.2020 Today a live interview on Klara! About the new Kabas album and how to deal with it during this Covid-19 quarantine…

.08.12.2020 ‘Gyre’ wins the award for ‘Best Debut’ at Kortfilmfestival Leuven and the Wildcard by VAF!!

.02.12.2019 During the month of November I was nowhere to be found (well, not in Belgium anyway). I had the opportunity to work in Switzerland on my double bass sound research in absolutely magnificent surroundings. The old mountains of the Alps gave me new inspiration and taught me some valuable lessons on harmony, rhythm and sound. As part of the UNCOOL artist in residence project -thank you Cornelia- I dug deep into the tone world of the double bass, and gathered some new and interesting information = NEW MUSIC COMING SOON!

.30.09.2019 ‘Gyre’ in the official competition for Film Fest Gent! YES !




.17.07.2019 Next week – July 23 – I’ll be playing solo at Onderstroom Antwerpen, opening the evening for one of my favorite trios – Dikeman/Parker/Drake – REALLY LOOKING FORWARD. Thanks Sound in Motion for making it happen.


.21.05.19  Truly an honor to work with this free jazz giant ! Geert Vandepoele captured some of the magic on camera.

 (c) Geert Vandepoele


.11.05.19 In ‘Music Matters’ on Klara radio, I was invited to talk about my research on double bass and the residency with William Parker at the Handelsbeurs.


.30.04.19 Interview with Didier Wijnants about playing the double bass and meeting William Parker at Ha’Fest.

(c) Geert Vandepoele


.28.04.19 ‘By becoming one, we became three.’ We had the most intense days, I’m exhausted but extremely happy and grateful. Brice and I could not stop playing, here is a picture of us backstage moments before the concert.

(c) Rudy Carlier


.08.04.19 Live session with Uma Chine that we recorded just before heading to Germany on tour.


.29.03.19 Due to family circumstances Håkon could not make it to Belgium, but I was VERY pleased that Wilbert de Joode could take his place! We had some inspiring days; talking music, rehearsing, playing.


.10.12.18 Just announced : on March 29th I will work and play with one of my favourite bass players : Håkon Thelin. The concert is a double bill with the trio of Joey Baron/Bram De Looze/ Robin Verheyen. More info on the site of the Handelsbeurs.


.30.10.18  Here is a little video of Frame Trio live at Parazzar (Bruges).

In November you can find us in Portugal, in January Frame Trio will be playing in Budapest and Ljubljana, as part of the release tour of our debut album ‘Luminaria’.

You can buy ‘Luminaria’ on Raar.Shop

.29.10.18 Uma Chine will release their debut album on Starman Records, Febr 2019. Can’t wait? Here is the new single ‘Lonely Giant’:


.09.08.18 Jukwaa released its new album in April this year, on Smeraldina-Rima records. The first track is now on Youtube :


.05.05.2018 Happy to announce that I’ll be playing solo on another great festival: Ha’Fest! Check out the entire line up!

(c) Leon De Backer


.27.02.2018 ‘Etude I’ was featured on a preview of En Avant Mars on Belgian national radio ‘Klara‘. The 7th of March, I’ll be playing a solo set on this wonderful festival.