.09.04.2021 ‘Changes’ by Uma Chine is out now!!!


Uma Chine presents “Changes”, its second album. Main ingredients are three female voices, carried by bold rhythms and delicately interlaced with analogue synthesizers.
Uma Chine knows how to create a particular energy both live and on record. The band is characterized by layered voices, distorted guitars and synths, and original twists within the songs. Uma Chine wants to tell stories, diluted with a good dose of imagination. “Changes”, Uma Chine’s second album, is loaded with magical realism.

.18.11.2021 Releasing my very first album where I don’t play one single note of bass

Check out my avant folk country banjo loving solo project called ‘Smolikas’

Released on bwaa as a split LP w/ on the other side Thijs Troch his solo music.






.26.08.2021 Playing live again, and how! In trio with Seppe Gebruers and Paul Lytton. What-a-joy. Playing memories of Broadway-standards in quartertones.
Special thanks to Summer Bummer Festival and everyone who made it happen.

© Laurent Orseau


© Geert Vandepoele