Talking to Wim Opbrouck about Kabas, Raoul Dekeyser, Louis Paul Boon and much more :

Listen to Eugénie by Kabas

only 100 copies are available ( all exclusive and hand made artwork ) HURRY

NEW ALBUM COMING OUT March 19th 2020 :

Kabas – Eugénie

Troika and bwaa co-production

Check out this short teaser song called ‘Avondstad’!



‘These four impro-youngsters are fearless in their search for sound and interaction. They improvise in the moment and try to create compositions without limiting their selves to fixed structures or themes.’

(c) Leon De Backer





KABAS debut album ‘ABEL’ released on elNegocitoRecords in april 2016.

Take a listen here.



Kabas + Luis Vicente live in Porto at Sonoscopia




Little excerpt of Kabas live in Berlin at Donau 115




Kabas live in Ostends at Vrijstaat O.