new album ‘adapt’ by Jukwaa, released on 28th of October 2022 on Werf records


Since their inception in 2013, Jukwaa has been looking for the boundaries of their music and line-up. What started as a rather classical piano trio album Jukwaa in 2014, developed into the fierce successor Harbinger Of Imminent Ruin (2015, el NEGOCITO records). For this record they were joined by Otto Kokke (Dead Neanderthals) and Jonas Vandenbossche (Kapitan Korsakov).

On Cushion (2018, Smeraldina-Rima) they returned to a meditative, quiet intensity. For this minimalist approach, they transformed into a special quintet line-up, with drummer Elias Devoldere and bassist Laurens Smet as extra sound layers.

In 2022 Jukwaa returns home as the dream trio with Thijs Troch (piano), Nils Vermeulen (double bass) and Sigfried Burroughs (drums). On October 28th they are releasing a new album called ‘Adapt’ (W.E.R.F. Records) on which they perform two long-form pieces. As a trio Jukwaa investigates the different faces a so called jazz trio can have. Shapeshifting from a ‘regular’ trio to battling banjo’s, fiddles and prepared piano to percussion based soundscapes and back to a jazz trio, seemingly effortless. Every decision is made from a need to create specific sounds and to relocate the music-making from a technical to an intuitive place, dealing with other instruments than their main instruments and all the automatisms that comes along with them.

released October 28, 2022
Thijs Troch: (un)prepared piano, banjo
Nils Vermeulen: double bass, violin, banjo, casio, percussion
Sigfried Burroughs: drums, percussion

in association with Troika vzw <3

‘Cushion’ is the new album of Jukwaa, a piano trio that doubled the basses and drums. Adventurous shapeshifting music.

‘Belgium’s extravagant impro youngsters.’

(c) Leon De Backer

in the spring of 2018 the third album of Jukwaa (with doubled drums and basses) will appear on Smeraldina-Rima.




JUKWAA – second album ‘Harbinger of Imminent Ruin’ released on elNegocitoRecords in july 2015

Take a listen here.